5 Key Products To Protect Your Baby From Chemicals

A wise mum once said to me, 'why do I feel I need to be a pharmacist to understand the ingredients label on the back of my baby's bath wash?', and you know what, she was right, as a consumer you should feel comfortable that what's in a product is only the best for you and your baby.

There are so many baby products on the market, and to choose which is the one that suits your baby's skin, or which you like the smell of, the amount of lather, the packaging, or the values associated with the brand all vary from parent to parent and baby to baby, but there is one common goal - nobody really wants to expose their precious bundle to chemicals.

Even though we cannot see it, skincare is absorbed into the skin, meaning it is absorbed into our blood flow, reaching our organs and cells around the body. As trends see more and more people switching from fast food to a healthy green smoothie or salad, we hope that society starts to understand the impact chemical absorption is making on our bodies and make the switch from products that would be too unhealthy to digest to start using certified organic products which benefit the skin and wellness overall.

Whilst we are Certified Organic, made of only the purest and most potent of ingredients, we can assure you that you are giving the best product that works to treat your baby's skin and also will protect them from having to use an alternative chemical-based product.

Being a parent is so busy and we know that you get bombarded with so much information, not to mention living with the tired fog that comes with sleepless nights- so here is a list of 5 products that are a must have in your nursery. They are paraben free, talc free, sulphate free, formaldehyde free, propylene glycol free, petroleum free...and only supplied with ingredients given to us by nature.

Posted 03 April 2017