Baby Massage With First Light Organics Baby Oil

Baby massage creates a beautiful bonding moment, nurtures your baby's growth and assists in preparing your baby for sleep. First Light Organics Baby Oil is 99% Certified Organic and contains relaxing organic lavender and chamomile, and is rich in natural vitamins to nourish, soften and protect your baby's skin. 

Here we have put together a summary of how to massage your baby with First Light Organics Baby Oil.

Baby massage in its simplest form is firmly, but gently, rubbing oil into your baby's skin and it can comfortably last 10 to 30 minutes. Before trying a new product always dab a small amount of oil onto your baby's skin.

Getting Started

Before you start, make sure the room is warm and your baby is happy to lie still. A good time for baby massage is after a bath when your baby is warm, already undressed, and relaxed. It's best to stop at any step if your baby is unsettled or seems uncomfortable.

Step 1 

Place your baby on a flat surface such as a changing table or a towel on the floor. Warm a pump of First Light Organics Baby Oil in your hands. Look at your baby and ask if you can give them a massage, if they respond happily and positively continue. With your baby lying on its back begin massaging the soles of your baby's feet. Use firm gentle & slow strokes from the heel towards the toes.

Step 2

If your baby is still happy, continue with long smooth strokes up your baby's legs. Massage from the ankle up to the thigh and over the hip. You can either massage both legs at once or one at a time. Bend your baby's knees up to the tummy then straighten them out. This may help with digestion and wind.

Step 3

Start the upper body massage by warming a pump of First Light Organics Baby Oil in your hands. Massage your baby's chest from the collarbones, down and out towards their sides. Massage the arms by stroking from the shoulders down towards the wrists. Avoid getting oil onto your baby's hands. If this happens, clean hands before they put them into their mouth.

Step 4

Moving on to your baby's tummy, make sure that it feels soft not firm or full. If your baby's tummy is soft, warm a pump of First Light Organics Baby Oil in your hands and massage in a clockwise direction avoiding the belly button area if the cord has not completely healed. If your baby seems unsettled and uncomfortable, move away from their tummy.

Step 5

To massage your baby's face, use your fingertips. Start in the middle of the forehead and move down the outside of their face and in towards the cheeks and then following the jawline to the middle of the chin. You can also gently massage down your baby's nose and across your baby's cheeks. 

Step 6

If your baby is relaxed and happy, turn your baby onto their stomach and massage their back. Use small circles down your baby's spine followed by long, smooth strokes from neck to toe.

Baby massage is a special way to spend time and bond with your baby with the experience leaving both parents and baby feeling calm and relaxed at the end. 

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Posted 25 February 2016