Benefits Of Baby Massage

Baby massage is a simple and beautiful way for parents to bond with their new baby. Baby massage has been enjoyed in eastern cultures for centuries and research has shown that there are many benefits both physically and mentally for both the parents and the baby. 

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Here are some notable benefits of baby massage:

  • It has been found that baby massage encourages babies to sleep deeper and longer creating better sleep patterns;
  • Massaged babies have lower levels of stress hormones than babies who aren’t; 
  • Massage can help relieve a baby suffering from wind and colic, leading to better settled and happier babies; 
  • Promotes and strengthens the bond between parent and baby as the soothing touch and focussed attention can lead to increased communication; 
  • Helps parents relax as giving a massage releases oxytocin, the hormone that helps reduce stress.

With all these benefits in mind, First Light Organics has lovingly formulated a baby oil containing only gently effective, soothing and nurturing ingredients of the highest quality. First Light Organics baby oil is 99% certified organic and is rich in natural vitamins to soften and protect the skin. First Light Organics baby oil enjoys an added bonus as it can also be used to relieve the effects of a cradle cap.

Use First Light Organics baby oil to gently massage your baby from top to toe with great care and love. With organic lavender and chamomile in its ingredients, it provides a gentle scent creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere, and the smooth oil soothes, nourishes, and softens both baby and parents' hands.

Baby massage with First Light Organics baby oil creates a beautiful bonding moment, that nurtures a baby’s growth and prepares a baby for sleep.

First Light and Love x


Editor's Note: This post has been modified from a post published in March 2013 from Essential Baby

Posted 18 February 2016