Certified Organic — Why 'Certified' Is Just As Important A Word As 'Organic' When It Comes To Skin Care

We are proud of our organic certification, many many hours, days and years it takes to achieve a certification, but mostly we are proud to be providing our loyal customers with only the best for their baby.

Every year we are audited by the Australian Certified Organic assessor to ensure that all processes, ingredients, delivered products, packaging, and bi-products are organic in nature. Within the skincare industry, it is known that the Australian standards are so high that it is a challenge to pass, hence many Organic products do not have a certification.

The real winner out of all of these Certifications is the customer, you can be assured that what you are using on yours and your baby's skin is natural, chemical-free, paraben-free, sulphate free, and is safe enough to eat. 

You may have seen the word Organic on the packaging for skincare and assumed that it is all-natural and chemical-free...it is a case of buyer beware- to make mention of the word Organic a brand can still have under 70% of ingredients as organic in nature.

So, we leave you with a thought-starter, what do you feel more comfortable putting on your precious baby's / child's skin;  something safe enough to eat or something made of ingredients you aren't quite sure of, either what they are or even if they are safe to absorb into the skin, and in turn into the bloodstream?

Posted 15 December 2016