Everyone Deserves A Sanctuary

Shining some light on Domestic Violence

When we think of home we think of our own private sanctuary, a place where we feel safe, loved, and protected.  Yet statistics show for one in five children this is not the case.  With domestic violence reaching epic proportions in our society, the chances of you knowing a man, woman, or child that has been affected by domestic violence are high.  We often wonder how can we help, what we can do?  First Light Organics and Friends with Dignity believe that it is from the small actions we take that we see big change evolve.

How can we make a difference?

First Light Organics believes all children deserve the best. They are both the future and our responsibility. Their vulnerability means they depend upon our care and the choices we make for them. The First Light products have been created to nurture mums and their babies with the very best skincare from nature.

Therefore, for the next three months, First Light Organics will donate a bottle to Friends with Dignity for every First Light Baby WashMoisturiser or Belly, Body & Face Cream sold on our website.

“We have chosen to do this as we believe in giving back to the community and would love mums and bubs in need to also be able to enjoy our products” says Theme Rains, who founded Synthesis Organics in 2006 in northern NSW and then went on to research and develop the mother and child range, First Light Organics.        

“It's not the size of the gift or donations we receive that matters, it is the power of what it does. These gifts help survivors by restoring their faith, their dignity and giving them hope. As a Community, we need to SpeakOut against domestic violence, and StepUp and Support each other, one friend at a time!” says Lauren Eather, Volunteer.

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Posted 30 September 2016