Nappy Rash

No one wants to see their baby irritable and unsettled due to nappy rash. Unfortunately, most babies will get a nappy rash at some stage no matter how careful you are.


Nappy rash is a common result of exposure to wet or dirty nappies. Leaving a wet nappy on a baby for long periods of time can lead to nappy rash. Things that can trigger nappy rash by causing irritation to your baby's skin include ammonia; chemical exposure from baby wipes, scented soaps, or baby lotions; and plastic pants which prevents airflow.  

Babies who have sensitive skin with other conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, thrush, or impetigo are more likely to develop a nappy rash and it can make a nappy rash worse. While other babies only get nappy rashes when they have a cold or some other virus.


Signs and symptoms of nappy rash can include:

  • Inflamed skin where the skin in the nappy area looks red and raw and it may be spotty in appearance.
  • The skin may be raised or swollen with blisters.  
  • The rash can spread to your baby's tummy or up towards their back.
  • Ulcers may appear which are breaks in the skin.
  • Your baby is unsettled or irritable.

Prevention and Treatment

A nappy rash will usually get better within a few days of doing the following:

  • Keep your baby's skin clean and dry by changing nappies frequently.
  • Allow nappy free time for as long as possible every day.
  • If using cloth nappies, change often and if possible do not put plastic pants over them. Wash and rinse the cloths thoroughly and ensure the nappies are very dry before using them again.
  • Avoid wet wipes that have alcohol or other irritants in them.
  • Prevent urine and feces from contacting the irritated skin by using a barrier cream.

If the nappy rash is not getting better in a couple of days or it spreads to other areas see your doctor for advice and treatment.

First Light Organic Baby Balm

Our Baby Balm is calming and soothing barrier cream. The combination of organic beeswax and plant oils in the balm help to prevent and heal inflamed nappy rash by creating a natural barrier that protects your baby from any unwanted excess moisture. Soothing calendula with its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants from olive leaf extracts supports the healing of damaged delicate skin.


Posted 24 March 2016