Other Uses For Your Baby's Skincare

A whole new season is upon us. It's time to shed the layers, detox your skincare cupboard and de-clutter your wardrobe. Whilst it is so easy to hold onto things, if you let go of old energy and products well past their used by date then you may feel so much better for it. Remember to read labels, as you won't be getting the benefit of cosmetics or skincare if they are out of date, some may even give you adverse reactions.

On a positive note, we want to help you refresh your baby's skincare basket by offering you a 25% discount this month.

Becoming a parent can be full of hope, love, cuddles and apprehension. While so many new Mum's take time off from work to care for their newborn and children financial strain can be one of the challenges. So, being budget savvy we have developed a list of how your baby skincare can be multi-purpose!

  • Baby powder - such an unsung hero (and talc-free) did you know that Baby powder is not harmful to health but can be a jack of old trades. Baby powder can thicken eyelashes if used before mascara, act as a form of dry shampoo to draw oil from the scalp, clean off sand and stop it sticking to you after a day at the beach, it treats oil stains, prevents smelly feet, stops dishwashing gloves and swimming cap layers sticking together and helps to untangle knotted jewellery.
  • Baby balm - well this baby is not just good for poor bubs nappy rash, it's a barrier cream that can be used on cuts and grazes, use it under the eye whilst tinting eyelashes, use it as a lip balm, or even if you add some colour can be used as a cream blush!
  • Baby oil - as much as we love a baby massage, baby oil is great to use on cradle cap to release the flakey skin in a less harmful way, if you add it to knees and elbows before having a fake tan you won't get those horrible dark patches, we have also been told that baby oil can loosen ear wax, and for those of us who do home manicures and pedicures it can help to soften cuticles.

What You Need For Your Baby's Change Table

Getting the baby room ready for a new baby is part of the fun of pregnancy. This list will help take the stress of what you really need for your change table:

  • Nappies, and plenty of them! The trick is to not buy too many newborn nappies as some babies grow out of them very quickly, but keep some of the next sizes up just I case you start finding your baby's poo explosions are not being contained.
  • Baby wipes or cloths - your choice of what type you use, but soon you will be using these for every surface and body part to clean off your baby whilst on the go.
  • Bottom balm/ Baby powder - you never know when your Bub starts to have chaffing or nappy rash, best to have a skin barrier of moisture wicker in case.
  • Baby oil/ Baby moisturiser - there's nothing like a calming massage after a warm and cosy bath, both of you will live the ritual.
  • Hand sanitiser - all sorts of germs can hover around a changing table, so if you don't have a tap or moment to duck to the bathroom this one is a good idea.
  • A toy to distract- by the time your baby learns to roll over it's going to want to do anything than stop and have a nappy change unless you trick them to stay still for 5 seconds with a little (washable) toy.


Posted 30 September 2017