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Every baby is a miracle, we need to nurture that miracle and set it off in the right direction for wellness and health. While we have all heard reports about different cosmetic ingredients causing damaging and health alarming issues we can proudly say that the First Light Organics products are all-natural, all chemical-free, all paraben-free, talc-free and Certified Organic to the highest of Australian standard.

There are a few words/ terms/ ingredients you may have heard of but not exactly sure what they are, we hope that this blog helps to enlighten you on what makes a Certified Organic skincare product so special and to avoid the hidden nasties that you may not know you could be using on your precious baby's skin.


The most widely used preservative in skincare, parabens have recently been found during research that they may cause breast cancer as they mimic oestrogen which is the female hormone known to cause breast cells (both normal and cancerous) to grow and divide. Parabens have also been known to cause some allergic reactions, dermatitis and rosacea.


Just the sound of these ingredients rings alarm bells. While petroleum by-products may appear to be a skin barrier, they smother the skin giving it less room to breathe and disrupts body detoxification, therefore slowing the rate of skin renewal and speeding up dehydration.


There have been studies that suggest that talc, when applied to the genital area, can be related to Ovarian Cancer, in addition to this talc containing asbestos when breathed in is also related to cancer, in particular, lung cancer. 


First introduced into the cosmetics market over 50 years ago, PG is organic alcohol made from the fermentation of yeast and carbohydrates. In turn, it keeps skincare products preserved and have a longer shelf life but there are natural ways to do that as well. Known to be associated with skin irritation and dermatitis.


Sulphates pretty much are corrosive cleaning agents which were initially created as a detergent and are often the basis of high lathering consumer products. Not only do they strip hair and skin of moisture but also strips away protective barriers leaving skin exposed to other conditions.


With the mention of links to cancer and skin irritation, our research shows that despite being banned from use in a number of countries, this preservative can still to this day be found in baby shampoo, baby soap, body wash, nail polish, cosmetic glues and colour cosmetics. Always check labelling and Google the derivative of the specific chemical. Formaldehyde comes in a number of different forms such as quaternium-15, DMDM hydantoin... the list of names continues.

These days we are so lucky to have more resources on hand to understand exactly what is in the products we are using. Skincare is absorbed into our biggest organ, the skin, so product ingredients are not exempt from the possibility of entering the bloodstream. So, let's protect our babies from anything that could impact on their health and wellness.

Get ready for Christmas, our gift packs are the most beautiful gift to give a baby and mum to be.



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Posted 18 November 2016