Protect Yourself From Zika, Malaria, Dengue Fever & Other Nasty Mosquito Born Viruses With Natural Organic Essential Oils And Common Sense

With so many of our us exposed to mosquito infected disease-prone areas, we decided to ask a natural health doctor about the best way to protect ourselves, and our family, naturally…

This is the response we are happy to share with you here:  

By Dr. Johnathon Dao MD(AM)

While the media hype on the Zika virus seems relentless, I was asked to put together an article on protecting yourself with natural means rather than using toxic chemicals such as DEET and pharmaceutical drugs that are recommended by mainstream medicine. The big question is; are natural remedies as effective and safe, or is it better to go the chemical route and risk the toxic effects? Well, this is what I’ve discovered and personally use myself and recommend to my patients when they travel to dangerous areas where little nasties hang out.

DEET vs Natural essential oils:

Yes, it’s true that toxic chemicals like DEET help prevent mosquitoes but they also compromise your health. The CDC give DEET a class D Carcinogen meaning they need more data to prove it causes cancer. While it’s is an unknown carcinogen it surely is a neurotoxin. Although it was initially thought that DEET works by repelling mosquitos by hiding a person's “skin smell” which mosquitos are attracted to (the same way organic essential oils do), this was not entirely true. New research now proves that it also affects mosquito’s nervous systems disabling it much in the same way that Nerve Gas did when used in the WW2 on humans. So while DEET does deter with smell it also seems to be an insecticide with neurological toxicity that we are urged to spray on our kids!

My feeling is that they are still recommending it because it is the only man-made patentable treatment they have managed to cook up in a laboratory that works as well as mother nature.

Luckily, spraying deadly chemicals on your family as a form of "protection" against mosquitoes may not be worth the risk thanks to Mother Nature. Numerous essential oils have been clinically trialled and appear to outperform DEET, and these essential oils are contained within First Light Organic Bye Bye Bug Spray. Although these natural oils can perform as well as if not better than DEET, they need to be applied more regularly because they absorb better into the skin, unlike DEET which lasts longer and why it’s touted as being more effective. Personally, I prefer not to use toxic chemicals and apply my beautiful smelling First Light Organic Bye Bye Bug Spray
more regularly with sheer joy.  Remember anything you put on your skin you absorb and the skin “eats”. My philosophy is that if you are not prepared to eat it don’t put it on your skin. Anyone for a DEET flavoured drink? Or a DEET sprayed sandwich? No thanks! I prefer organic essential oils which have been shown to be safe for thousands of years. Those Egyptians were wise beyond their time in my opinion who used essential oils to prevent insects.

Why Mosquitos attack certain people over others:

Turns out mosquitos don’t care about certain blood types, rather they choose their victim due to the amount of smelly bacteria on the skin. So when exercising you’re bound to sweat more and produce more bacteria and be more of a target. That being said people with unhealthy levels of candida in the blood produce more bacteria on the skin so they increase their attractiveness, so it pays to clean up your insides to prevent the outsides being a target. In my clinic, I help my patients clear up candida on a regular basis with diet and herbs and funny enough they report getting bitten much less. Also, mosquitos are attracted to CO2, so the more you exercise the more you produce. Showering regularly and eating a healthy diet are also ways that can help prevent excess bacteria on the skin. They are also attracted to dark colours so wearing white or light colours makes you less attractive. Some studies as early as 1960 show that taking vitamin B1 can help also help you appear more unattractive to most insects as well as eating garlic.

Facts about Zika:

While Zika has been around since 1957, it still has no recorded deaths from initial infection which only last 7 days, most people have little or no symptoms, yet the virus can linger in the system and weaken the immune system causing muscle weakness and nerve paralysis which is known as Guillian-Barre Syndrome. This is where the immune system is weakened and begins attaching itself which is common in lingering viral infections that go untreated. Symptoms are similar to mild dengue fever including fever, joint and muscle pain, along with skin rash and red eyes, headache, weakness, and fatigue. Like Malaria it is not spread from person to person like the flu, so it is not contagious from association but is sexually transmitted says the CDC.

There have been claims that Zika is linked to women who give birth to babies with microcephaly but other sources link to side effects of the TDAP Vaccine which has become mandatory in Brazil for pregnant women.  Microcephaly was extremely rear in Brazil until the vaccine became mandated and since the mandate microcephaly has risen 13000%. Interestingly several other countries show Zika has infected up to 75% of the population at some stages with minimal results of Microcephaly, why just Brazil? Some media sources and a united doctors group in Brazil claim that there is a strong link between the larvicide chemical called "Pyroproxyfen," which has been radically dumped into the water supplies of Brazil since Microcephaly has become widespread. The chemical happens to be manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical, a sister company of Monsanto corp. Pyriproxyfen is a growth inhibitor of mosquito larvae, which alters the development process from larva from pupa to adult, thus generating malformations in developing mosquitoes and killing or disabling them. This should raise any question marks with anyone when considering the underdeveloped cranial and neurological systems of the children being victimized with Microcephaly?

While the verdict is still out on this subject, prevention is better than cure. So if you are having a baby and positive for Zika, I would recommend scanning your baby while treating yourself naturally with non-toxic herbs for the virus as no drug treatments exist.


Creating a barrier between mosquitoes is the best prevention by avoiding being outdoors during the peak mosquito feeding times or early morning and sundown. Wear protective clothing and close off openings at your wrists and ankles. Apply an organic mosquito repellent such as First Light Organic Bye Bye Bug Spray and apply it regularly every 1-2 hours. Keep screen doors closed and sleep under a mosquito net. To prevent mosquitos breeding near your living space, empty objects that can contain standing water like flowerpots, fountains, and buckets.

 First Light Insect Repellent

Notes for your children:

Look at your product directions for age-related guidelines before using any product on your child’s skin. Always do small patch tests on the sensitive inside of the forearm to see if they react to any natural ingredients. If so wash off immediately with soap and water and apply Synthesis Organics Aloe Herbal Gel. For small kids apply it yourself with your own hands and avoid open wounds and mouths and avoid putting on their hands if they have a tendency to suck their hands. If you have an infant in a stroller use a mosquito net over it, and consider spraying your child’s clothes also which does not wash off as easily like the skin to increase deterring insects.

Natural Treatments for Malaria, Dengue Fever & Zika:

Regarding malaria, its turns out the Chinese have known about a cure for the disease for over 1600 years as it appeared in Chinese medical literature classics, and that cure was Artemisia Annua (Sweet Wormwood). Only recently has the female doctor Dr. Tu Youyou who pioneered this research during the Vietnam War for China (Chairman Mao’s top-secret Project 523), and was finally recognised with a Nobel Prize in 2015. Prior to the issuing of the medicine to Vietnamese soldiers, more deaths were occurring from malaria than from the war itself. Since her discovery proving that Wormwood cures malaria, several drugs synthesized from the herb have entered the market and saved millions of lives. That being said the herb alone has stand-alone treatment for centuries in Asia but the information was lost during the Cultural Revolution.

As for Zika, there is no effective Pharma drug treatment, but once again it seems that that Mother Nature has gracefully supplied a treatment. The Ayurvedic herb Andrographis Paniculata has proven effective in eliminating Zika in clinical cell cultures and animals but is yet to be 100% trailed in humans. The herb also is safe to take during pregnancy. The University of Technology UTM in Malaysia also has found a possible cure for Zika using extracts of Papaya leaf & Coconut oil that have already been shown to cure Dengue and safe for pregnancy. Also, studies on Colloidal Silver (Cell Culture) & MMS (Red Cross human study) eliminating the virus are also underway and look promising given the track record of them both eliminating most viruses.

That being said if you are planning on getting pregnant and have been in Zika areas I would recommend to get tested and if positive, I would personally use a course of herbal medicine and compounds like those listed above along with a natural immune boosting protocol to eliminate the virus and prevent passing it on to your child. Remember to work with a trained natural doctor to get the dosage and potency required for successful treatment and don’t try it alone.

Stay safe and take common sense precautions to protect yourself. Remember to use a natural First Light Organic Bye Bye Bug Spray and apply regularly, while also following the prevention steps outlined here and enjoy your travels.



Posted 17 August 2016