Stretching and Growing Baby Bumps

Whilst we embrace the beautiful little soul still inside a pregnant belly, there are some things that you may not want to hang around after your precious bundle has arrived...and they are stretch marks. 

Like the term states, stretch marks are pretty much scar like streaky areas that appear over overstretched skin. That being said, in pregnancy to accommodate the baby and increased milk supply most stretch marks are found on the tummy, hips and breasts. All bodies and pregnancies vary with their response to stretch marks and did you know that stretch marks are not only pregnancy related, they can occur as a result of weight gain, medical conditions and also changes to hormone levels.

Prevention is the greatest step, though if you do get stretch marks you may find that after birth if you use creams they may reduce existing stretch marks from a red to a silvery colour and fade over time.

With the vision to help stretching and growing skin Theme Rains, founder of First Light Organics, went in search for the most luxurious hydrating cream, enriched with omegas, vitamins and minerals to improve skin elasticity, reduce scarring and soothe dry skin. By gently massaging First Light Organic Belly, Body & Face Cream into Mummy-to-be's tummy, thighs and sides/ upper breast area with care and loving attention to smooth away marks and settle discomfort.

Available online and selected stockists, our First Light Organic Belly, Body & Face Cream is definitely one to add to the baby registry and have a spare bottle ready for the hospital bag too.

First Light Organics Stretch Mark Cream



Posted 07 August 2016