Why Our 'No Testing On Animals Policy' Means Our Products Can't Be Retailed In China.

We believe testing products on animals to ensure their safety is incredibly cruel and also not the most effective way to test for a product's safety.

For these reasons, we do not test our products on animals.

Instead we:

  • formulate with gentle, non-aggravating time tested ingredients with a long history of safe effective use on the most sensitive of skins.
  • 'test' the finished products on willing human volunteers, already confident that the ingredients we use are as safe as possible.
  • follow strict micro-biological and stability and preservative testing protocols to ensure the general safety of the product. 

While the EU has banned animal testing for all skincare sold in the EU preferring to use in vitro laboratory testing in Petri-dishes with human skin cells, China has a mandatory requirement of animal testing for any imported ready to sell products.

Many brands that normally wouldn't support animal testing are allowing their products to be tested just to access this large market. 

However, we strongly stand by our values and so, while we love sending our products to our China friends via e-commerce site partners, we choose not to retail our products there until the animal testing requirement is waived. 


Posted 29 April 2016