Are your products really Vegan? What to look out for to be sure.

Did you know that many commonly used cosmetic ingredients found in Certified Organic products could be derived from either plants or animals? Also that there are many plant derived ingredients that are processed using animal products.

First Light Organic Vegan

For example Xanthan Gum can be clarified using an egg-based substance and organic approved natural emulsifiers like Glyceryl Stearate and Sodium Stearate can be animal or plant derived. 

As they are naturally derived, the Organic standard accepts them either way.

So, to help you choose genuine vegan products, look for the Vegan Society Registration and logo.

Vegan Society Registered

We registered First Light Organics with the Vegan Society to give you that peace of mind and were very impressed with how thorough they were. 


Before registering us, the Vegan Society went through all our ingredients and required proof of origin for those that could be derived from both plants or animal to ensure the ones we use really are plant derived. They also check manufacturing flow processes and require signed statements from our ingredient suppliers to ensure no animal derived ingredients have been used in the processing or hidden in any other way. 

Phew! It takes time and care and is in addition to the organic certification which doesn't check for this.

We believe it is worth it, to be absolutely sure our products are Vegan, and pass that certainty on to you.