Feeling HOT, HOT, HOT

Wow, these soaring temperatures make us feel like they will never subside and a good old fashioned home-made ice block isn't breaking the sweat. While we feel hot our babies have a harder time regulating their body temperature and we need to ensure that they are well hydrated and comfy. Along with keeping them cool in singlets made of light natural fibres, skincare can also alleviate some concerns.


  • Bottom Balm - poor little babies are prone to get nappy rash in the heat as the moisture and sweet inside the nappy can't evaporate, those little red spots can be so uncomfortable for them. Prevent nappy rash by adding a barrier (bottom balm) after each nappy change.
  • Insect Repellant and Bug Be Gone Oil - with the hot nights so many of us are sleeping with Windows open, which also exposes us to bugs, bites and that one mosquito which seems to be flying circles around our head for hours non stop but we can never catch it. By preparing the area around the bedroom with insect repellent or Bug Be Gone oil we are limiting the possibility of bugs wanting to even go near us and our precious bubs.
  • Baby Powder - baby powder is not only brilliant for nappy rash and moisture wicking but can help prevent children having sweaty feet in their shoes and is also great to add to their swimming caps as it removes friction when putting it on over their hair.
  • Bath Wash - babies and children can get heat rash and quite sweaty, give them a nice lukewarm bath to cool them down.

Baby It's Cold Outside 

Just the thought of a chilly and cold winter right now gives us goosebumps, though the cold has so many beautiful aspects like a warm hot cocoa in front of the fire, skiing down the powder white slopes and warm baby snuggles after a nighttime feed. There are some baby skincare concerns that do need to be addressed to that their fragile skin does not dry and crack.


  • Moisturiser - drying air conditioners and fireplaces will dry out skin, if skin is not properly moisturised it may crack and expose little ones to infection.
  • Baby Oil - if babies are getting eczema or cradle cap from skin drying out we recommend a nice massage, even a scalp massage and gently dry brush the skin to remove flakey skin and encourage new skin growth to occur (speak to your doctor in extreme cases).
  • Stretch Mark Cream - mums-to-be also need to nourish their baby bump with moisture, while it may be easy to hide a baby bump under a thick warm sweater the skin underneath is still prone to drying with artificial heating such as air conditioning and Stretch Mark Cream can smooth the skin and prevent stretched skin pigmentation.
  • Essential Oils - while children are prone to catching colds in winter pop some eucalyptus oil in your humidifier which will help to free up airways and little-blocked noses.