June 18, 2015

Hong Kong Cosmoprof 2015 with our partners EcoG

First Light Organics is excited to announce we will be exhibiting with our partners EcoG in Hong Kong this November at Cosmoprof, Asia's largest trade expo. 

The First Light Organic Mum and Baby range was created hand in hand with EcoG to meet the demand for 'only the best' ingredients and formulas especially created for baby and mum.

Our role here in Australia is to ensure the products are consistently created to the highest standard, quality controlling the stringent organic process and ingredient selection, and developing new products for the range. 

EcoG is our sales and marketing partner, responsible for securing and managing all distribution arrangements of First Light Organics in the Asian market. To date they have focused in Hong Kong and are now expanding their focus to elsewhere in Asia. 

EcoG and our First Light Organics formulator, Theme Rains, will be available at Cosmoprof to answer questions, showcase new and current products and develop relations with distributors throughout Asia to carry the First Light Organics range to new countries. We look forward to nurturing more mothers and babies with the very best of organic ingredients, made with great care and consideration in our organic lab in Australia. 

June 18, 2015

How to safely and naturally prevent and treat stretch marks

Did you know that between 75 and 90 percent of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy? 

To prevent this happening, or to treat already present stretch marks, be sure to follow these tips:

1. Eat lots of organic fruits and vegetables to give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to regenerate. 

2. Tone your muscles. Gentle daily exercise is a great remedy. Try yoga, walking, swimming. 

3. Massage your skin with organic oil daily for 10-20 minutes to improve absorption and blood circulation to promote healing. 

4. Generously apply stretch mark cream to areas that are most likely to be affected: thighs, tummy, buttocks, hips and breasts. 

5. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fresh water and herbal pregnancy friendly teas like Synthesis Soothe Tisane.

6. Exfoliate skin to remove dead skin cells and speed up healing process. Try blending a handful of organic raw sugar with organic oil and then rubbing into moist skin. 

7. Take a natural vitamin C supplement to boost skin's elasticity from within.

Consistency is key with all of the above and if you are treating stretch marks, it can take up to a month to see results.

First Light has included the best natural ingredients for treating and preventing stretch marks in our products for Mum.

These are:

Organic Neroli Oil: With an incredible aroma that relaxes body and mind, helping to relieve muscle spasms, this amazing oil also rejuvenates and regenerates the skin, helping to prevent and treat stretch marks. 

The name is said to have originated from the Italian princess, Anne-Marie de la Tremoille (Countess of Nerola) who used the oil as a perfume. It is one of the most expensive essential oils, requiring over 450kg  of orange blossoms to make just 450ml. 

Organic Mandarin Oil: encourages the growth of new skin cells and replaces previously damaged skin cells making it an excellent cure for stretch marks and damaged scarred skin. 

Organic Blue Chamomile: soothes inflammation, keeping skin smooth and comfortable.

organic rosehip oil

Organic Rosehip: used with much success to treat stretch marks, scars (of any kind), eczema and psoriasis and skin damage. Backed up with clinical trials from around the world. The natural vitamin A found in Rosehip helps improve damaged connective tissues.

Organic Aloe Vera: Fights inflammation, regenerates skin tissues and restores moisture levels

Organic Coconut oil: Reverses damage and softens skin

Organic Avocado oil – High concentrations of skin essential vitamins A, E and D, as well as fats that improve skin elasticity

Natural non GMO Vitamin E oil: The most utilized oil for scars, a powerful antioxidant that improves skin elasticity

Organic Lavender oil: Has been proven to prevent and reduce scars and stretch marks

Organic Shea Butter: contains vitamins A, E and F. Vitamin A and E are known to balance and normalize the skin. They are also both soothing and hydrating which is beneficial to the skin. Vitamin F consists of two essential fatty acids; linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid, both of which work to soften and revitalize dry skin. 

Organic Evening Primrose: Evening Primrose Oil has been called the most sensational preventive discovery since vitamin C. Evening Primrose Oil contains a high concentration of a fatty acid called GLA and it is this fatty acid that is largely responsible for the remarkable healing properties of the plant - it is essential for cell structure and improve the elasticity of the skin.

Organic Jojoba Oil: Native Americans have long used jojoba oil to help heal sores and wounds, it helps promote healing of the skin in many ways.

Organic Calendula: Calendula contains high amounts of flavonoids, plant-based antioxidants which protect the body against cell-damaging and also stimulates the production of collagen. Studies indicate that this herb both reduces healing time and increases the quality of healing. 

Organic Wheat Germ: The richest source of Vitamin E in any vegetable oil. It also has a high content of Vitamin A and Vitamin D. It is rich in protein and lecithin plus essential fatty acids not manufactured in the body (Linoleic acid, oleic palmitic and stearic fatty acids) which help in healthy cell growth and regeneration. Improves circulation of blood in the skin when used externally.  

All of these are found in First Light organic baby oil (good for mum too) and First Light Organic Stretch mark cream.

October 12, 2014

Why we don't use Talc in our Baby Powder...

http://www.firstlightorganics.com.au/collections/for-baby/products/baby-powderTalc is considered extremely toxic and is closely related to the potent carcinogen asbestos.  The main issue for babies is the possibility that they will inhale this (not to mention you) and those particles will get in the lungs.  If inhaled, it can lead to allergic reactions similar to hay fever.

"For the last 30 years, scientists have closely scrutinized talc particles and found dangerous similarities to asbestos. Responding to this evidence in 1973, the FDA drafted a resolution that would limit the amount of asbestos-like fibers in cosmetic grade talc. However, no ruling has ever been made and today, cosmetic grade talc remains non-regulated by the federal government." –  Cancer Prevention Coalition

For all the above reasons we don't use Talc in our baby powder - instead we use certified organic tapioca starch which effectively keeps baby dry and comfortable without all the hazards associated with Talc - read more and purchase here. 

Read more about ingredients we avoid and why

May 10, 2014

Are your products really Vegan? What to look out for to be sure.

Did you know that many commonly used cosmetic ingredients found in Certified Organic products could be derived from either plants or animals? Also that there are many plant derived ingredients that are processed using animal products.

First Light Organic Vegan

For example Xanthan Gum can be clarified using an egg-based substance and organic approved natural emulsifiers like Glyceryl Stearate and Sodium Stearate can be animal or plant derived. 

As they are naturally derived, the Organic standard accepts them either way.

So, to help you choose genuine vegan products, look for the Vegan Society Registration and logo.

Vegan Society Registered

We registered First Light Organics with the Vegan Society to give you that peace of mind and were very impressed with how thorough they were. 


Before registering us, the Vegan Society went through all our ingredients and required proof of origin for those that could be derived from both plants or animal to ensure the ones we use really are plant derived. They also check manufacturing flow processes and require signed statements from our ingredient suppliers to ensure no animal derived ingredients have been used in the processing or hidden in any other way. 

Phew! It takes time and care and is in addition to the organic certification which doesn't check for this.

We believe it is worth it, to be absolutely sure our products are Vegan, and pass that certainty on to you.





April 10, 2014

First Light Organics launches new Australian website

Our Australian made products have been used and loved by babies and new mums in Hong Kong and Taiwan for the last few years, and now we are happy to be launching our range locally with this new website. 

Now you can easily purchase your favourite First Light Organic products online and have them delivered to your door.

We offer Free Australia wide shipping for purchases over $50 and a flat rate of $10 for purchases worth $50 and below. 

We also ship internationally for a flat rate of only $20.