Ingredients we avoid and why

It is common knowledge that what we apply to skin is absorbed into the body. Children and baby's skin is much thinner & even more sensitive than adults. Their developing organs are particularly vulnerable to toxins. They do not have an adult's ability to detoxify & excrete toxins and can thus absorb proportionally higher doses of toxins per unit of body weight. This can interfere in normal organ development and lead to permanent damage. 

Research reveals that if pregnant women are exposed to a range of environmental chemicals and toxins, these cross the placenta and impact on the developing baby.**Ref: Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (2005) 'Third National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals.

For these reasons we need to be so careful with what we apply to mum and baby and child's delicate skin. What we leave out is therefore as important as what we put in.

First Light products do not contain:

  • Harmful synthetic chemicals often found in mum and baby skin care such as 1,4-dioxane...there is a long list...
  • Petroleum derivatives such as:
    • phthalates (found in 75% of shampoos, skin creams, lipsticks, deodorant, hair gel, perfumes) which have been linked to sexual aberrations in male fetuses.
    • propylene glycol
    • PEGS
  • Artificial colours or fragrances
  • Artificial emulsifiers such as Sodium stearoyl lactylate
  • Artificial preservatives like parabens, benzoic acid, benzyl alcohol and sodium hydroxlmethylglycinate
  • Mineral oils - these can irritate & smother babies sensitive skin not allowing it to function properly. 
  • Silicone
  • Sulfates and harsh detergents like Sodium dodecyl sulfate, sodium laureth sulphate that can strip baby's skin of its natural oils causing skin irritations.
  • Unlisted and hidden contaminants like BPAs
  • Hydrogenated oils
  • Talc  - linked with long term health problems.
  • Ingredients that have been tested on animals
  • GMO's
Instead, allow baby's skin to function properly, keeping it healthy and smooth with pure, organic wholesome ingredients.