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Mozzie Proof Your Summer – COASTBEAT

As the spring rains send welcoming moisture across our coastal landscape, the irrepressible sound of summer comes calling to our backyards and front verandahs. Frogs and crickets we can abide by, it’s a nightly concert that soothes souls. But mosquitoes and midges have upset many a gathering and are just plain annoying!

Get strong smelling plants amongst your garden. These can also double as great additions to salads and your cooking e.g. Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Lavender, Marigolds and Garlic.

Hang your mature garlic to dry (usually harvested October to November) in a pantry or kitchen helps to ward off these little vampires.

Remove containers holding water inside and outside the home, as well as dense foliage around windows and entrances. Aedes aegypti mosquitoes(the dengue fever variety) breed in stagnant water in sub-tropic zones, rarely flying more than 200 metres from the breeding site.

Natural personal repellants that do not contain toxic chemicals such as DEET, can still be effective for up to 2-3 hours if they contain strong-smelling essential oils like Eucalyptus, Tea tree, Lemon Myrtle, Pennyroyal and Sandalwood.

Use of citronella oil candles, coils or sandalwood incense around outdoor entertaining areas. The smoke and strong smells can discourage their voracity.

Avoid the M-zone times just after sunrise and before sunset. Plan outdoor activities in areas away from dense foliage and where a dispersing breeze can be found.

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BD’s Guide To Pregnancy-Safe Mum & Baby Care – BEAUTYDIRECTORY

With so much going on during pregnancy, skincare and beauty regimes may fall by the wayside; however, it’s important to know what’s safe for skin both during and after pregnancy. And let’s not forget baby skin as well! To make things a little easier, BD has broken down the top skin concerns for mother and baby, and with some expert advice thrown in, here’s our guide to pregnancy-safe mum and baby care. Concern: Safe ingredients
Lullaby Skincare founder Kirsty Gow-Gates understands the pressures to find safe ingredients for baby skincare, saying: “experts say up to 60 percent of what goes on your baby’s skin is absorbed into their bloodstream within minutes. “Babies and children are at greater risk to the dangers of carcinogens (toxic ingredients), and that infants up to age two are, on average, ten times more vulnerable to carcinogenic chemicals than adults; and for some cancer-causing agents are up to 65 times more vulnerable.” She notes that key ingredients to look out for and avoid are: Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, PPG’s, Dye, Petroleum, Triclosan, Bisphenol A (BPA), and Formaldehyde Donars. Why? ”Chemicals such as preservatives, formaldehyde, and parabens used in creams may build up in baby’s skin and disrupt the natural hormones in baby’s body. This may cause growth and reproductive problems as well as disrupt normal endocrine functioning. With the immune system at such an early developing stage, skin rashes may easily be caused by harsh skincare products.” Products recommended:
Lullaby Calming Body Wash
First Light Organics Baby Moisturiser
Clémence Organics Ultimate Baby Oil

Mother's Day 2017 North Shore Private Hospital

This Mother’s Day, North Shore Private Hospital hosted a morning tea for their in-patient Mums. The morning tea was in partnership with Gidget Foundation, to whom they have their Emotional Wellbeing program with. Mrs Catherine Knox, Board Member and Co-Founder of Gidget Foundation spoke about her experience with post-natal depression as well as the natural emotions a Mum or partner may experience after the birth of their baby, what to expect when you they home and building an ongoing support network. Mums, partners and even Grandparents were treated to a yummy morning tea with special ‘Mama’s Milk’ tea and ‘Energise Dad’ tea from Mama Body Tea. Patients were also treated to a generous baby gift from First Light Organics and a special treat for Mums from Synthesis Organics. A holistic and nurturing morning tea enjoyed by all who attended. “Partnering with North Shore Private’s Mother’s Day morning tea is a great honour for First Light Organics and Synthesis Organics. With an emphasis on providing only the best skincare for babies and families, we are so happy to be celebrating Mother’s Day with new Mums as they start the journey with their precious bundles of joy.’ Theme Rains, Founder of Synthesis Organics and First Light Organics.

"Taking On The World"  By  Paul M. Southwick


The uncompromising quality of the products and their Australian origin has caused top distributors out of Hong Kong to chase Rains. She has worked with them on market research to optimize commercial aspects, for examples koalas and kangaroos in cartoon-like designs to product packaging. Synthesis exports to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia with Japan next on the radar. China is more difficult because of the requirement to test imported products there on animals, which is contrary to everything Rains believes.