Our Principles

We believe children deserve only the best. They are our future and our sacred responsibility. In their vulnerability, they depend upon our care and the choices we make for them. 

Babies are especially vulnerable, so it is vitally important to protect them from the harmful effects of the toxic chemicals that have become ‘normal’ in most personal care products. As the skin is our largest organ, and anything applied to it is easily absorbed into the bloodstream, we believe product ingredients should be safe enough to eat. 

We chose NOT to use ingredients known to cause skin irritation or that are suspected to be harmful. We believe the human body is an amazing gift. Caring for it with only the highest quality nutrients supports it function at its greatest potential.

How can you be sure you are choosing the best for them?

Certified Organic is the only guarantee from an authorised Third party that the whole product is genuinely natural and free from synthetic chemicals and petroleum by ­products. Many products unfortunately market themselves as natural or organic because they have a few natural or organic ingredients mixed into them. This is not allowed in a genuine Certified Organic product.

First Light Organics Products are Certified to the Australian National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce to ensure each ingredient is kept pure all the way from farm to finished product.

Lovingly formulated to gently care for the most delicate of skins, you can rest assured you are supported by the very best of care with First Light Baby Organics. We consider it an honour and a sacred responsibility to nurture you and your baby during this special time of growth.

Our commitment to you

To offer you peace of mind by certifying all our products with Third-party authorities.

  • To care for the environment by using only natural, renewable ingredients and minimal, recyclable packaging for our products.
  • To use nurturing ingredients known to be gentle and non-­irritating for babies and sensitive skins.
  • To offer a product of utmost integrity ­ without compromise on quality or efficacy.
  • To be 100% transparent with all our ingredients listed on our product labels.

Our commitment to using only recyclable packaging and sustainably sourced ingredients means your choice to care for your baby with First Light Organics, is also a choice to care for the precious resources of the Earth of their future. We passionately believe that each one of us choosing to make a difference can have a huge impact on the whole world.