In accordance with countless healing traditions and modalities, and through years of our own experience, we understand that when our energy or ‘chi’ is flowing freely through all the energy centres of the body, we feel whole and balanced and appear radiant.

Due to the dominance of scientific materialism in today’s society, the importance of  ‘energy’ or ‘chi’ or ‘life-force’ is often left unacknowledged. Yet many of us have witnessed or experienced the visible radiance and beauty of someone who is full of the energy of love and life.  

This visible connection with the life source, arising out of an awareness that ‘everything is only energy or light’, has been understood since ancient times as the ‘secret’ to health, wellbeing and happiness. It is also clear our own energy has an effect on our life…. ‘the inside becomes the outside’. Caring for yourself and creating space in your day to re-balance and restore harmony will benefit not only you, but everyone and everything around you.

All First Light Organic products are ‘energy imbued’ to gently support the living process, inviting you to shine with the radiance of true beauty. 


The Energy imbuement of our products is a highly evolved and propriety energetic process made possible after a lifetime of work, sourced from the universal and infinite life-current. This process presumes a fundamental unity of all things, whether tangible or intangible, material or spiritual, and relates to change at the atomic level, allowing matter to vibrate at a much higher level.

This imbuement allows the First Light Organic products to be lifted into a vibratory current that is a living synergy, a dance of molecules that attunes to the user, allowing a unique quantum relational response. This means that each response is individually tailored to combine with and enhance the Light, Love, Beauty and Spirit of the user, bringing radiance and balance not only to the skin but the whole being.

The energy imbuement of First Light Organic product is guided by sacred wisdom and our passion, to be a healing presence in this world.

Being energy imbued allows our products to bring balance to the energy fields of your being as well as care for your physical form. It gives the products an intangible, mysterious touch that instills you with a life positive affirmation, which many of our customers can actually feel. (testimonials included)

The benefit of using energy-imbued products is that they invite you to experience beauty as a state of being, which reflects as an outer radiance.

We may not be able to avoid the way that negative influences lower our vibration, but we can balance them with higher frequency influences – and by doing so maintain a state of wellness and balance.

We want First Light Organic product to do more than nurture your outer beauty. We want them to bring balance and harmony to your whole being so you feel wonderful as well. Energy imbued First Light Organic skincare is simply a beautiful way to do this.