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Living so close to this incredible life force inspired the creation of this range of holistic personal care products, aligned to the gifts of nature and imbued with the energy and freshness of first light. 
First Light Organics comes from a picturesque village nestled beneath the majesty of an ancient mountain known as the ‘cloud catcher’. Our custom built organic lab is overlooked by Mt. Warning, the point where sunlight first touches Australia each new day.
 This World Heritage area in the Northern Rivers of NSW is one of the earth’s bio­diversity ‘hot­spots’, providing a habitat for more than 200 rare and endangered plant and animal species. It is also in the caldera of a dormant volcano, so the soil is rich and fertile promoting strong and steady growth.

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First Light products are made from raw, sustainably sourced and renewable ingredients of the highest quality ­ Certified Organic to the Australian National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce.

We manufacture in small fresh batches from ingredients grown, hand picked and extracted from organic fields all over our earth (locally grown wherever possible.)

Our products are offered to you with the heart­felt intention of contributing to you and your family’s wellbeing, whilst also caring for the wellbeing of the earth through ethical and sustainable choices.

First Light Organics represents purity, authenticity and is uncompromising on quality.

Our team

The team responsible for First Light Organics has combined expertise and accreditation in the fields of Natural Health (Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Iridology, Remedial Massage, Vibrational Kinesiology and Energy Healing), Beauty Therapy, Nursing and Cosmetic Chemistry. The extensive experience and qualifications of our team ensures the utmost support and up­-to-­date education is available. We are delighted to have created a Mother and Baby range, bringing the purity and energy of First Light to support this special phase of life.

Our company, Synthesis 345, has been producing Certified Organic, vegan skincare and health foods supplements since 2006 in our dedicated OFC certified organic lab. Other ranges produced by our company include Synthesis, the Heart of Organics and First Love Organics as well as a wide variety of products for private label brands in Australia and Asia.  We also founded and ran an award winning Eco shop and Wellbeing centre in the Northern Rivers area of Australia. 



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