• Are First Light Products suitable for premature born and newborn babies?
Unfortunately, none of our skin care products are suitable for premature babies as they all contain essential oils - best for babies 3 months +. 
We can, however, recommend getting some pure organic jojoba oil. This can be used to gently cleanse your baby and also for baby massage  - very bonding. 
Then when your baby is a little older, introduce some of the First Light products and all the special benefits they contain - maybe start with the trial pack 
  • I am recently pregnant and looking for a good stretch mark prevention cream without all the nasties. I'm not very experienced with essential oils but have heard that they should generally be avoided in topical uses during pregnancy. Can you tell me any more about this?
In summary, using appropriate, gentle, baby-safe essential oils in the air around you, or topically at a low dilution - less than 1% - can be a great support through pregnancy. All the essential oils in the stretch mark cream are considered safe and beneficial to use through pregnancy, and for stretch mark prevention in particular. Some doctors recommend staying clear of all essential oils during the first trimester, although there are no recorded instances of it actually being a problem even then. But to play it extra safe, just start using the stretch mark cream in the second and third trimester when your skin is really stretching and enjoy all the benefits it offers for skin and senses. Read more here, quoting the international Federation of Aromatherapist and other reputable sources Essential Oils and Pregnancy.