First Light Organics Client Testimonials


"What a joy it is to find an insect repellent that doesn't smell or feel as if it is contaminated with toxic substances. I recoil from the potency of synthetic repellent and am grateful that First Light Organics has devised and made available something so natural and comforting while fulfilling its promise. I smothered myself with it in Southeast Africa and was protected. Again I sprayed the repellent all over me while traveling and at home in Australia and was protected. This product works and feels good at the same time."

 Jill Henry, Counsellor and Psychotherapist (Australia)  

"My family can now enjoy the great outdoors just that much more. Whenever we go away or to the local park, our First Light Organics Insect Repellant is with us in the nappy bag because it keeps the bugs away, especially mosquitoes. My kids don't mind me spraying their skin with it because it is quick and smells really fresh, plus I am happier applying a product that is all natural with no nasties."

 Belinda Smith (Australia) 

"First Light insect repellent is a true gift from heaven, particularly for pregnant women! I don't want to expose my unborn baby to the harsh and damaging chemicals usually found in your non-organic insect repellants. Living in the South of France I cannot live without it! Although there are many products available at all local shops, I find none as effective and chemical free as First Light's insect repellent. It truly keeps the aggressive mosquitos away, and a nice bonus is that it smells lovely on the skin and doesn't burn your skin away like DEET does! I am now 28 weeks pregnant and pre-ordered for me and my baby so we can be bite free! Simply love it and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a good effective certified organic repellant."

 Debora Eymard de Rooy, TV Presenter (Europe) 

"I loved your insect repellent that you gave me when I was in Australia. It was such a joy to be able to spray it on without coughing and spluttering, as I'm used to with the type that I've always used. Our mosquitos have been really bad this summer and your repellent has worked so effectively . It was perfect to have on hand for my granddaughters knowing that it was gentle, safe and effective. Perhaps what I liked best was that I could even put it on my face when I was under attack at night as it is soft and gentle and has a pleasant smell. I would use it over and over, well done on a great product."

Susan Booth (South Africa)